Al-Tawheed Islamic Education Centre is registered with the Charity Commission of England and Wales under registration number 1160479.

The current premises were purchased in January 2009 by means of sale of an existing property and cash donations from members of the local community and outside Maidenhead together with a short term loan provided by our brothers and sisters. The charity's activities, particularly those around faith, began long before its formal registration and the development of this centre opposite Kidwells Park, Maidenhead. 

Windsor and Maidenhead has a population of over 133,000, of this there are over 2.3% Muslims. The vast majority of the Muslims are from Asia, with brothers and sisters from Africa and Europe. This makes the congregation in Al-Tawheed Islamic Education Centre a growing diverse organisation. The centre is dedicated to being a source of guidance, communication, spiritual knowledge, and assistance in building bridges of understanding and respect for the Muslim & non-Muslim local community.

The main objectives of Al-Tawheed Islamic Education Centre are:
The advancement of religion in accordance with the tenets, philosophy, ideology and traditions of Islam;
The advancement of education of Muslim children in accordance with the tenets and teachings of Islam. 

The centre can accommodate 200 worshipers. In addition to the daily prayers which are well attended, the centre is very popular during Fridays, the two Eid festivals and Ramadan, the month of fasting. There is a separate prayer hall for women. In order to facilitate the growing community 2 congregational prayers for the respective Eid days had to be held last year.